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Spanning 30 years, the founders of eFoods Global have helped people stay safe and warranted regarding finest dependency – FOOD. Obtaining a mission and guiding concepts that put people first, eFoods has redefined the idea of storable food and possesses produced a fascinating method that people serve tasty food tonight, save nutritious food for almost any wet day, and share our message of self-reliance with everybody.

Featuring great taste, easy preparation and affordability, we proudly display over 20 quality certification symbols online that will assist you rapidly see how our ingredients meet your needs. The greater you explore what these symbols fully handle your circumstances will rapidly see how eFoods Global visits great expense to supply great diet whether offered tonight or fifteen years from now.

Only using the most effective sun-ripened and fresh produce grown and harvested under strict supervision, we visit great choose to make certain that each tasty bit maintains its dietary value and delivers appear diet when needed most. Our proprietary Assurance Packaging envelops our low-heat dehydrated foods obtaining a effective light barrier that protects the food items from potential sun-damage. Flushed with co2 with the sealing process, the ingredients can also be resistant to oxidation. This represents the defacto standard for storable survival foods and our average shelf existence is different from 15 across the low finish to twenty five years approximately across the high finish.

Without compromise, our foods are simply tasty! Quick to fix, they’re also prepared to eat in 10-20 minutes – just add boiling water! Choices give a gourmet type of breakfast foods, baked goods, dairy, entrees and possibly the most wonderful soups in the world. Our customers reveal they’re getting difficulty building food reserves because they are eating them simply because they arrive.

At eFoods Global, food safety begins with our proper partnerships we’ve established with growers and manufacturers. We source ingredients from growers who follow Good Farming Practices and they are GAP Certified. Meaning they’re audited frequently to make sure they stay away from dangerous insecticides, pesticides or fertilizers during cultivation. Furthermore, GAP certification ensures proper controls over the standard of water helpful for irrigation, animal usage of crops and proper disposal connected getting a raw waste, equipment sanitation, sanitary facilities for workers, transportation sanitation, storage sanitation, handling sanitation, and even more.

Once the ingredients achieve our Food and drug administration registered facility that’s also certified GMP permanently Manufacturing Practices they’re carefully tested for chemical and microbial contaminants like salmonella and e-coli. Approved ingredients will probably be blended into our exclusive formulas following strict qc standards established and audited using the US Department of Agriculture. We strictly stick with HCAAP standards for food handling and manufacturing safety.

Our items are non-genetically modified, where possible, we request organic ingredients. We never add questionable substances like MSG or hydrogenated oil. Just the finest grade of sun-ripened produce is chosen. During mid production, we test every batch for flavor to make certain our survival meals is consistently tasty that is being manufactured based on our exacting flavor profiles.

Unlike almost all our competitors, none inside our eFoods Global quick foods are freeze-dried. Unique process removes moisture and infuses chemicals that assist prolong the shelf existence. Our ingredients are dehydrated Using only low heat. No additives are ever added. Contamination naturally preserves the food items to make certain that around 92% within the dietary value remains intact. Filled with wholesome goodness direct inside the source, these quality ingredients are packaged in moisture resistant, light resistant Assurance Packaging that’s flushed with co2 to avoid oxidation.