Yunnan Red Tea – Dian Hong And Yunnan Gold

Yunnan red tea is a kind of black tea from Yunnan province in China. Yunnan red is often known as by its Chinese name, Dian hong this term translates almost exactly: “Dian” could be a shorthand for Yunnan province, and “hong” means red. In China, black teas are classified as “red tea”, to not be mistaken while using South African “red tea”, an all-natural infusion created from your unrelated plant, rooibos.

Yunnan Province As being a Tea Producer:

Yunnan province is way better famous for may be the origin of Pu-erh, a kind of tea that’s frequently aged for longer times, and gains quality as it is aged. Yunnan province includes a extended good status for tea production, a number of their teas were initially produced in the method much like Pu-erh. However, within the 20th century this region started also producing black teas too. Although Yunnan also produces eco-friendly and white-colored-colored-colored teas, their black teas are most likely the following best-known in the teas, after Pu-erh.

Dian Hong or Yunnan Red in comparison with Other Teas:

Yunnan red is broadly known as strong and efficient black tea. It possesses a deep, malty character for the aroma, somewhat much like Assam tea grown in India. Like Assam, it’ll make a great breakfast tea for individuals searching to begin an entire day obtaining a effective cup of black tea. However, unlike Assam, Yunnan red includes a unique peppery quality inside the aroma, and shares certain characteristics of aroma that resembles Pu-erh along with other teas grown in Yunnan province.

Black teas from Yunnan are utilized both by themselves plus blends. When blended, they can be found in more efficient breakfast blends. To fully know the how to make Yunnan red, however, you need to look for single origin Yunnan black teas.

Yunnan Gold:

Yunnan gold could be a special grade or subtype of Dian hong, getting a largest a part of tips or leaf buds, that have a golden color. The guidelines and leaf buds possess a significantly greater caffeine content, because the tea plant manufactures caffeine mainly as being a defence against insects, along with the tender youthful foliage is most vulnerable to damage from insects. Yunnan gold includes a dry leaf with considerable golden-colored tips, and brews just one cup that’s significantly better-caffeinated, similar to “tippy Assam”, silver needle white-colored-colored-colored tea, along with other tippy teas.

Some Yunnan gold is created solely from tips and buds these teas are every so often known as Yunnan pure gold, along with the dry loose-leaf includes a golden appearance, barely resembling other black teas whatsoever. These yunnan golds can be quite pricey. Even though the aroma and flavor of people teas are usually delicate, they most likely probably the most highly-caffeinated of black teas. Many tea drinkers, however, like the Yunnan gold with a mix of buds and even more mature leaf, as it may brew an even more dark, more full-flavored cup.

Buying Dian Hong and Yunnan Gold:

While they aren’t too-referred to as Ceylon, Assam, and Darjeeling teas, Yunnan black teas undoubtedly are a stable offering of countless serious tea companies, including these two individuals concentrating on Chinese teas furthermore to tea companies obtaining a concentrate on the black teas famous western countries. Search for various names of people teas: “Yunnan black tea”, Yunnan red, Dian hong, and Yunnan gold. With internet retailers, additionally, there are many Yunnan reds and Yunnan golds created for purchase, for a variety of prices.