BBQs 2U Offers Innovative Kamado Joe Big Joe III Standalone Pack Series

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The Kamado Big Joe III is the latest introduction from the brand that includes all the features that made KJ a big hit. The only difference is it has become bigger and more versatile to easily hold 3 racks of ribs! The Big Joe III Pack series include the Elements Pack, Discovery Pack, Explorer Pack, Adventure Pack, Quest Pack, and Voyager Pack.

The basic Element Pack includes big block charcoal, fire starters, and a cover, while the Kamado Joe – Big Joe III Standalone – Voyager Pack includes extras available in the different packs – Explorer, Adventurer, and Quest.

Kamado Joe is designed from high-quality material for durability. It grills, smokes, roasts, and bakes yet are user-friendly. The 3-tier “Divide & Conquer” feature allows the user to rearrange or remove grates within the grill to create different heat zones or cooking areas. This allows the user to cook different foods at different temperatures and times, increasing the versatility and efficiency of the grill.

The air lift hinge is another feature found in Joe III that allows for easier opening and closing of the heavy ceramic lid. It works by incorporating a hydraulic mechanism that reduces the weight of the lid, making it easier for the user to lift and lower it. This enhances the overall user experience and reduces the risk of strain or injury from lifting a heavy lid.

Joe III includes a patented SloRoller hyperbolic smoke chamber that allows for improved smoke circulation and better temperature control. It uses a unique, curved shape to create a convection-style flow of smoke that helps distribute heat and smoke evenly throughout the cooking area. This design results in more efficient use of fuel and greater consistency in cooking results.

The Kontrol tower top vent in Joe III helps regulate the temperature inside the grill by controlling the flow of air. By opening or closing the vent, the amount of oxygen that reaches the charcoal can be increased or decreased, which in turn affects the combustion and temperature of the grill. This feature allows for precise temperature control, making it easier to cook a wide range of dishes at the desired temperature.

The cooking space is 51 cm in diameter including a 1534 grill expander, two sets of greats, and heat ranging from 107 degrees Celsius to 400 degrees Celsius. It is ideal to entertain a crowd.

BBQs 2U offers Kamado Joe – Big Joe BBQs pack series at a discounted rate including KJ’s block charcoal, veg & fish grate, pizza stone, cover, cast iron griddle, JoeTisserie, pizza peel, DoJoe, fire starter, and basket set. Visit their store and choose an experience pack!